Due to stagnation and frequent spam, the wiki is now frozen!

Starting nov. 18, 2004.

Welcome to this F-CPU Wiki !

This is the first^Wsecond time i ever install and administrate one so please forgive any inconsistency.

This Wiki is a service provided benevolently to the F-CPU developers and the community. Except where noted below, you can use the pages, update them, create new ones etc. within the limits of the common fair use tradition. This Wiki contains a lot of help links so anybody can participate.

File uploads are not allowed, there is a ftp service for this purpose.


Notes on the organisation :

PmWiki allows pages to be grouped so we can separate edit rights according to the purpose of the pages.

  • the Main and PmWiki groups are reserved for administration, documentation etc. so there is no point in editing them, except for the WikiSandbox.

  • the F-CPU group is created to gather F-CPU-related works. Comments and contributions will eventually be gathered and included in the F-CPU source code and/or the manual.

  • the Others group is for the rest, for Plops, mussels, whatever.

Other groups will be created if the need arises, just drop a mail or leave a wikipost.

Here are some useful default pages installed along with the PmWiki software:

More information about PmWiki can be found at

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