The F-CPU project websites

It is impossible to tell what sites are alive, working or up. The webmastering of this incredible web of sites has become almost impossible. The F-CPU newcomers are usually lost and dispointed.

Fortunately, I recently found a website that does a good job at finding the relationships between websites. It is interesting to see the result on a map. I made a few screenshots to show you a part of the intricate web formed by the f-cpu sites, some are completely independent from the team, some are contributors sites.

Because the situation can evolve rapidly and because i was lazy to make a clickable map on the pictures, i encourage you to make your own search on the website : Notice however that it relies on Java and other stuffs.

If you're unsatisfied by this page, there is a solution : volunteer as a webmaster for the f-cpu project. Be aware, however, that it can be extremely time-consuming...

(c) Yann Guidon 23 mai 2001